RhinoNP, a donor management software that services non-profits and charitable organizations, announced today that they have partnered with the DailyStory to offer a new integrated email and text message marketing platform for their users.

The new email integration with DailyStory will enable RhinoNP users to run personalized email and text message campaigns, create powerful workflow automations, and easily synchronize data between the two software platforms. With the new partnership, RhinoNP has taken another significant step forward in their on-going commitment to enhance its marketing capabilities for their end users.

We are very excited about this new partnership with the DailyStory”, adds Jon Micklow, Marketing Specialist at RhinoNP. “Our commitment is, and will always be, about providing the best overall business management tools, technology, and value to our end users. Our client’s success is our success. We think this partnership with the DailyStory, a proven leader in the email marketing industry, will give our clients the added functionality that they need to help attract and retain new donors. “

As a whole package, the RhinoNP software offers a complete suite of features for various non-profit model types including simple one-time and recurring donation processing, donor web forms, donor check-in and attendance tracking, individual and class scheduling, social marketing integration, customizable digital waivers and registration, and other operational tasks.

About Daily Story

Founded in 2017, DailyStory is a marketing automation platform that brings process, consistency, and measurement to your digital marketing campaigns. DailyStory works with organizations of all sizes to use its advanced audience segmentation tools and single integrated marketing platform to deliver world-class email, text messages, landing pages, popups and more. All within a simple and easy to use mobile-friendly web experience.

When asked about the new partnership, Rob Howard the founder of DailyStory stated,  “Our partnership with RhinoNP gives RhinoNP users powerful tools to keep their members informed and engaged. And, it is easy to automate common campaigns such as: prospecting for new donors onboarding new members, win-back previous donors and re-engaging donors who haven’t visited recently. Best of all, DailyStory’s integration with RhinoNP is automatic — no importing data, just write your message, pick your audience, and click send.

About RhinoNP

Founded in 2012, RhinoNP manufactures a donor management platform that provides cloud-based business tools to businesses around the world. The software is optimized to work on both mobile and desktop devices and is scaled to support the needs of a variety of companies including small non-profits or large foundations. RhinoNP’s platform offers a complete suite of features to help simplify the billing process, class scheduling, attendance tracking, marketing and other operational tasks, enabling RhinoNP’s platform to be used by a plethora of charitable organizations including large foundations, religious institutions, animal rescue services, and other non-profit businesses.


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