Looking for a way to grow a healthy pipeline of donors and collect that data seamlessly from your website? Connect your donor management software with your website!

By using custom website integrations such as an online product store, donor forms, or donor log-in area, you will be able to better manage your marketing, operational, and sales efforts all from one software platform. This way you can easily track new donor sign-ups, view financial reports, and get alerts for product purchases from your online store.

Along with creating additional contribution opportunities for your non-profit through new donations and product purchases, you will also be able to save valuable time by eliminating the need for your staff members to manually add or log new donor data.

Below are 3 website integrations to consider adding to your non-profit website:

  1. Donor Forms

Capture new donor registrations, update your existing donor’s information, and collect new blog subscribers. With the donor forms, you will be able to not only collect valuable donor data, but you will be able to create reports to track new donor sign-ups, monthly marketing campaigns, and other promotions.

  • Product Store

Setting up a product store for your non-profit is a great way to sell custom t-shirts, hats, or other products online. This could potentially add hundreds or even thousands of dollars of new donations to help support your cause.

  • Donor Log-In

Add a donor or staff log-in link to your website so that your donors can easily sign into their portal area to update their payment information, set up recurring donations, or purchase products.


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